Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan – Today I explore 3 very unique Japanese Food options in the popular Harajuku neighborhood in Tokyo.
When looking for things to do in Tokyo, Harajuku is always a good option. If you get away from the main streets (and Takishda Dori) it is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Tokyo.

Add these to your “things to do in Tokyo” list:

1. KAWAII MONSTER CAFE – A chaotic rollercoaster fueled by mushrooms and candy. There’s an area covered in baby bottles, a dining room designed by the mad hatter, and a bar positioned under what seems to be a glowing tarantula. I think, this is what Ozzy Osborne must see all the time. At the table, you’re required to order a combo meal or dessert set from an equally as stimulating menu.
*price: most combos range between $20-35 USD

2. MAISEN TONKATSU – A short walk from the Kawaii Monster Cafe, down the quiet and higher-end backstreets of Harajuku you’ll find Maisen. The place is known to draw a crowd, so I get here around 4pm to relax and enjoy my pork in peace. The menu describes the many types of cuts available and there’s a ton of different set options.
I go with the special pork loin cutlet set and the house speciality, Tonkatsu sandwich.
*price: Tonkatsu sets range from $20-35 USD, sandwiches $5-12

3. SEIKO-EN YAKINIKU – Seiko-En Restaurant in central Harajuku is well known for it’s Yakiniku, which translates to “grilled meat.” You order meat and cook everything right at the table.
*price: All-You-Can-Eat from $40 USD, a la carte prices vary

Let me know in the comments of any other Japan videos you would like to see or any other Things to do in Tokyo!


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  1. I’m glad you relaxed and enjoyed your pork Gareth 😂. Quality video and again… that meat and beer 🤤

  2. The Kawaii Monster Cafe food looked disgusting! Actually, the whole place was too weird. The Tonkatsu looked a whole lot better. The Yakiniku looked the best of all! Sadly, there are no good Japanese restaurants in Kansas City and I'll never get to Japan. So, I just have to live vicariously through you LOL

  3. man i always love your videos!!! i am hoping to go to Japan in two years when i get some time off in the army !

  4. I went last year and the food was horrible. It was the place where i ate the worst In tokio. 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  5. Wow! As always much good japanese food 🙂 I love to see the japanes food 🙂 could be still restaurants like these ! And what about restaurants which sell not japanese food in Tokyo??

  6. Nice vlogs! I was actually in Japan for two weeks by self past few weeks haha regret not going to those spots you went to , also what kind of camera do you use to record ? Quality is very nice

  7. Japan is my all time, dying to go to place. Please keep the videos coming!
    Makes me wanna go even more!! 😃


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