Flying into Taipei Airport after a full day of travel to Taiwan. We give a Taipei Apartment tour and share our first day in Taipei Taiwan.

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Dolica tripod


  1. Love the studio! Especially the marble or ceramic floor! Actually china, japan and taiwan can get real cold unlike the other asian countries. Let’s see what you got next. 👍🏻

  2. That's goodbye in Mandarin not taiwanese or you could say it's Taiwanese Mandarin but whatever nice video! looking forward to the next one 🙂

  3. Peach coca cola?! Why can't they just let you have 14kg carry on between you??! Makes no difference in the end! Great you've picked up on Kara and Nate's top plane travel seat trick! Your apartment looks so swish, lovely base for the week and space to work from. Nice to see the gifts in action 😉.

  4. Don't feel bad, I've tried booking the aisle and window seat (more space) combo a few times now and it has yet to work. It only seems to work for Kara and Nate.

  5. WOW you are in my hometown!!! Feeling so excited watching you guys visit Taipei as I'm living in the UK. Have a great time there xoxo

  6. Don’t use the exchange booths in airports. Look for an ATM instead and you’ll get a better, most up to date rate.

  7. This is the best city I have ever visited. Loved every bit of it. Strange as it sound, go check out the toilet restaurant!!

  8. Welcome to Taipei! Hope you enjoy the city. A quick respond to your question about tap water in Taiwan that most restaurants will serve boiled or at least filtered water. So just drink it.

  9. Ashley and Josh, thank you guys, really, i love to watch your videos to improve my English everyday, im from Brazil 🙂

  10. Taipei is great and take a chance to travel around Taiwan by train :-))) it is the place where you can see the different between Chines and Taiwanese. Red is the best killer for the brain…

  11. Don’t drink tap water in Taiwan! But the glasses of water provided by restaurants were boiled, so you can drink it safely.

  12. The water served in the restaurant isn't exactly tap water. tap water isn't drinkable in Taiwan. They would be boiled or filtered. So don't worry about it.

  13. I LOVE Taiwan and go there 6 weeks a year, but I don’t like the school system, so Australia is still… 😐 idk

  14. interesting that they lifted the TV up, but kept the mattress on the floor.

    … … …

    I would have put both up or down… but that's just me.

  15. Most restaurants in Taipei (or Taiwan) don't serve water from the tap (or at least it's filtered). However, Taiwan's tap water has one of the highest level of filtering and standard in the area, so it is safe to drink from the data, but not a lot of people do so. 😛

  16. Never and ever drink the water from faucet in Taiwan, because the water pipe in Taiwan is very dirty which contain a lot of bacteria .


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