California firefighters worked to contain a brush fire that sparked in San Diego County on June 6. The firefighters said the fire was 15% contained.


  1. I see absolutely nothing. Again from SDFD. Where are y'all? You weren't there. (Sighs.) Bunch of lying going on. I see as anyone else sees you do nothong. Help the community!? You don't do that either. Helping your community would be a weekly schelude of scrubbing those roads and sidewalks up. Y'all are making 5 or 6 or more digits! Do something. Help me clean sd up. Won't be much. But it will require the fire dept to add a chore on the applications cause this is a continuous aggressively work out. And
    since ya really got nothing more than luncheons and barbecues and ya know your schedule. Lol man. Y'all talk so much chicken shit. My motto "Prove Me Wrong."


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