We spent the final hour at Magic Kingdom doing as much as we could!

Nate & Veronica:

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  1. Taylor I love it when you and Virginia get together you act so much more like achocolate kid and make me laugh so much. Thank youfor for such great content

  2. I like how Taylor said it was all about her and Veronica and it was. I hope to close down the park one day.

  3. Is there a reason why the parks don't stay open till 1am everyday. I'm sure they would still get people to stay that late.

  4. Very well done!! Beautiful and magical!! Loved the Splash Mountain "YMCA!!!!" Hilarious!! I've been lucky enough to close down both MK and DHS quite a few times – awesome experiences!!

  5. well, that auto-tuned crap music didn't fit the subject, that's for sure. why not use the ambient sounds of the park?

  6. Closing the park is the best, for you don't have to fight getting though the crowds or standing in line for an overcrowded bus.


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