Fun things to do in Solvang, AKA Little Denmark. Visiting Ostrichland, Old Mission Santa Ines, Paula’s Pancake House, Olsen’s Danish Village Bakery, Wildling Museum, Quicksilver Ranch, Chomp, and Sunny Fields Park. #kidifornia

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  1. Idk why but I always have this scene of hey dude wheres my car in my mind when I see ostriches. "Dude, It's a Llama". Ostrich from hell at 01:00. Ha! Bet the horse thinks the same about brother. "That's the tiniest human I've ever seen!"

  2. Those Ostriches look a little crazy 👀 when they eat!! What a fun experience! Our favorite animal feeding so far has been some flamingos in Florida. 😀

  3. Wow Those birds look bigger than ur boys 😀 … We never knew they eat hay ! and that dance nd the bgm u added is epic .. Yummy pancakes .. i would love to take my son to that museum ..Your sons review on chicken pesto is sweet…

  4. I had an ostrich farm in virginia that i visited once and one of the ostrich tried to bite me haha. I no longer wanted to hang with the ostrich anymore. Cool video

  5. Super cool. Never fed an ostrich but I actually have a hand painted ostrich egg from Zimbabwe. The slow mo was funny haha

  6. Hey you’re in California? That’s where I’m at ☺️ always enjoy watching your videos, especially the ones that involve food 😂 that ice cream sundae looked yummy! Can’t wait to see what’s next lol

  7. looks so fun to feed ostriches! don't know this in Solvang~~~must try next time!! and we love Paula's Pancake House! we eat their pancake every time when we go there. good trip and video*

  8. Loving the editing guys. I giggled at The Ostrich dancing 😉 Oo the food looks lush! Gotta love Brothers signature thumbs up ☺💕
    Chelle xx

  9. That was a great video! My wife and I would love to take a trip out to Solvang sometime. This was very informational and really fun to watch! I jumped at the scary ostrich which made our lil baby jump too lol

  10. Haha! love the slow mo of the ostriches feeding on the food! Owh that brunch and snack looks good! That tree mural is pretty awesome. That pesto sandwich looks so yummy too!!

  11. So much fun feeding Ostrich! It was so cool seeing them shaking their neck/head!! Liked and we watched in 100% FULL view!

  12. Hey, long time no visit here! The boys are still having fun (and growing up!!!!). Love the sexy dance lol. Never heard of Solvang, lots of different things to do.

  13. Well if those aren't the cutest little travel hosts! Loved the dancing bird part. XD And the missions looked very interesting. Lots of history in those I'm sure! Looks like a bunch of great stuff for families in Solvang.

  14. I had never heard of Solvang. Those ostriches were funny! Loved the dance. You got to see so much I loved the art and the food looked tasty!

  15. How fun! Ostriches are kindof messy eaters! The slow motion was cool to see. I like to dance like that after I eat too 😉 I loved seeing the history of the misson church! That food looks good!


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