Exploring the country of Singapore!
Spending a couple days in the country of Singapore was amazing.

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By Jermaine Ellis
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  1. A word to the wise: Singapore is known for it's laws against littering!! Whatever you do, don't drop anything on the street!

  2. "its not that tall, but it's got its own style to it"😂😂😂 we call it the calculator in singapore, one of the older skyscrapers in the downtown

  3. One word of advice Jermaine. Don't go tagging in Singapore they will cane your ass there, no joke. I learned this the hard way back in the day with my boy Michael Faye, he got caught. I lucked out and got away with my Boosted Board.

  4. Yeah Jermaine, Singapore gets CRAZY rain if you're there in monsoon season. Like the hardest downpour you can imagine with tons of lightning. It's so much that you'll be completely soaked if you're out in it for less than 30 seconds. Also check out that guy at 11:10 lmao

  5. First of all a really good video. Secondly, is it actually worth visiting? All that seems good is the Architecture, I cant see what else there is to do.

  6. Did you took this vlog early in the morning on a weekday? Wait till afternoon or evening time or the weekends, place like this (Starbuck) will be pack with people. Footage 5:28, you were at Rafffles Place (Central Business District).


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