Took a walk inside Hooters Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Just east of the Strip behind Tropicana. It may not be the biggest hotel & casino, but they have killer gambling and drink specials.

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  1. I was just in Vegas walking thru there last Thursday morning. Ladies of the night HQ. Really like what they’ve done with it remodel and all. Last time I stayed there was in 2010 way better now

  2. Another awesome video Craig and Erica,Everytime i come out there i have lunch there almost everyday lol,Great drink specials,Thank yous so much for another great video,Really great job again,Yous are awesome,Cant wait for the next one,GO BUCKS

  3. NOT  COMPLAINING!!!! I just thought it was funny that you start the video off with Erica's Hooters orange boobs (30-34 seconds) and then again around the 3:00 mark. (I cant help it, I'm a guy)  All joking aside, I enjoy your videos and thank you for your work. ( I realize this does take work to make these).  You have said before that "if we see you, stop for a selfie"  I will  be there on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (26th 27th 28th) for a trade show.  A selfie with the two of you would make my year. Do you think you will be out and about those days?  (probably sounds like, it but I'm not a stalker)

  4. Its a solid place for wings, but outside of that, yeah. Just curious, why are these security guys being hardasses about your filming? I mean, its not like you're not giving away key military secrets or anything 😉

  5. to me you're a star!! it's absolutely appropriate that you own it!! This was a cool walk thru…..your videos keep me pumped about my upcoming visit!! in Dec.

  6. I knew the video would be a little short because there's not much to see there, but I love the little dive. Did you remember to try the wings? THX for posting!!

  7. Hey Craig and Erica can I get a Birthday shout out at the Vegas sign on October 9. That’s my birthday ???
    Love you guys. My favorite Youtubers??

  8. You two make me laugh. Hey …who is the Hooter babe in the tight orange top? Oh! It's Erica! Hehe. Seriously though, Hooters looks better than I remember 11 years ago. And there are people in it! Thanks Craig and Erica. You know I am a big fan and love all of your videos. Cheers!

  9. The old San Remo. They did a great job remodeling it. I just must have missed you guys was in there that night. Read the rules on that dollar blackjack. It aint that great. Good vid!

  10. Looks like they've done quite a bit of remodeling since I was there in February. I was under the impression they were going to be re-branding that hotel (or did that sale fall through?)

  11. cool ! small and not so fun place to stay . Last place I stayed when out there few years back . Did have a great prime rib dinner for like $12 though . Did you notice if that is still happenin or is there restaurant under construction ?

  12. We love Hooters as much as anyone else, but it is probably one of our 2 least favorite casinos in Vegas. Thanks for showing us these places and risking yourselves against Hotel Security.

  13. A little blues? GOOD intro,Craig.Looks like a younger crowd there.8/5 VP is not very good.
    3 bucks a pull on penny slots: Elvira.
    Yeah,Erica is' busted' enough to work there. Her personality is what I would call BUBBLY,maybe.
    Always upbeat and smiling!
    Craig,she is a keeper! We ALL like her. Great video,as always.
    Maybe that place is not so good to work for? Perhaps where she is now is WAY better.


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