I haven’t been on an exploration of outdoor climbing trip for a long time. Prior to making YouTube videos, if I wanted to do outdoor climbing, I would just go to the familiar places, like Santee Boulders or People’s Wall. Now since I want to make new videos for you guys and at the same time have fun climbing outdoors, for the first time in many years I have decided to explore Lake Hodges just based on the minimal amount of information I can find online. Since it is my first time there, I have no solid plan in mind, no script to rehearse, not sure what to expect, so this video will be a little bit different from the previous outdoor climbing videos.

Lake Hodges:
Lake Hodges Way, San Diego, CA 92127

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First Ascent:

Precise GPS location of climbs shown in video
Initial downclimb & Warmup:
Unstable rock:
Bad landing climb:
Final highball climb:

Special thanks to Teresa for being the camera woman. Check her out at

Music credit goes to Nicolai Heidlas


  1. Hey bro, love your videos! But I'd like to say that maybe you want to be a bit more cognizant of your language in regards to women–they care capable of climbing just as hard men–no reason to imply that easy climbs are best suited for girls.

  2. Sorry, just to double check, what do you mean by landing? Is it the part where you end the climb, or the area surrounding the boulder where you would fall if you do fall?


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