The other day one of my YouTube followers asked me about Evel Knievel jump site. I only have a few miles from it so I thought I would film it. When I got to the bridge where is memorialize there were some base jumpers getting ready to jump so I found them also. It is legal to jump from this bridge as you have probably figured out there or there wouldn’t be so many people doing it. It is one of the favorite jump-off sites in America from what I hear.

I do not get paid for any of my cameras vehicles or anything I review,
Hank is my wonderful best friend is also a Boston Terrier. He travels with me everywhere even on my motorcycle, so far we have not taken any long trips together. He gets too hot or too cold.

Vehicles I’m using in some of these videos are,

A 2009 Electra glide ultra classic. I have done some modifications to it. Some of them you can see at the following link.

A Dodge 2007 RAM 2500 series diesel pickup.
I have added many modifications to it also but as you will see in the video below I’m having a major problem with air-conditioning.

The RV we are using right now is a Montana built by Keystone is 2009, 38 foot with four slide outs. Once again we have added many modifications to the fifth wheel trailer.
This video will show you a little of the RV and also what you should do before you hit the road.

Here is a list of cameras that I use,

I use a Sampson galaxy 4, cell phone for a lot of the videos. Because it’s usually close by when something happens.

I also have a GoPro Black Hero 4, that I will be using for most of the road shots.

I have updated from my 2017, Topjoy 1080P Full HD 2.0 inch LCD Screen Waterproof Sports Action Camera, as you can see in the video below this camera never was really clear.

I also use a Canon Rebel Ti1, I have used it taking a lot of still photos, and of as late these Christmas light photos and videos in this link.

Starting this year 2018 I have a new addition to my camera group, it is a Sony Handycam HDR CX675 Video camera.


  1. Man thanks so much for doing this, If I was there I would wash your bike for you, even went on a dirt road for this…  have followed Evil over the years motorcycle jumping, you have to give him all the respect for what he did on the primitive bikes back then.. brave man. Fun seeing the site after all these years. Evil did this in 1974…Wow ! They said that he had a manual lever he had to keep his hand on ( spring activated) , said he lost consciousness after take off and released the handle too early and parachute opened. Eddie Braun successfully jump snake river in 2016. Great story on Robbie, so you met Evil Knievel ? Thanks again . Very interesting !!!

  2. those were some brave young men jumping from the bridge . cool .video looks like your knees are doing well, just watched travis pastrana make his three jumps it was awesome


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