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I am an Australian guy trying to live on a small footprint. I take in crew wherever I go and go where the wind takes me. I catch and gather food wherever I can.

I have no fridge or freezer, no oven, no aircon, no generator, no water heater, no watermaker …

So if you want to see some interesting places and some interesting crew then follow me.


Positive Rock

A new beginning

In your arms – free

La Vagabond , S/V Delos , SvZingaro , Sailing Catalpa, Sailingsaltymermaid , tabascopierro , sailing baby blue , sailing emerald steel , Angelstravels , Sailing Kanaloa , Chase the story sailing , funforlouis , adventure , australia


  1. You know you're gonna miss the possums. Hey, what happened to the fourth one? Did she jump ship again for a different boat?

  2. Atta boy Peter, your iron hand & sharp wit has transformed those inexperienced mutinous beauties into experienced loyal beauties in the end. We hope you also grew and gained something from your close association with them.

  3. Bodge, brilliant as ever. Love your work. You must miss them. And THEY WILL MISS YOU!

    Hope all is good for you in normal land. Keep dreaming the dream and all will be good with the world. Looking forward to 2.0…

  4. Peter, you are about my favorite rascal around. Not at all the wanker that some are branding you with! LOL. Seriously mate, if you put a profile of a boat you might be looking for, some of us can keep an eye for a screaming deal on one that meets your specs. They DO happen I know- I found one myself, a dime on the dollar type thing.

  5. Hey Plukky! We missed you dude, we like to see you more often with the girls. All the girls are in love with you, they don't want to leave you. You should just keep the girls and start a harem and make videos every day. That would be great.

  6. You had a blast with them girls and loved coming along for the ride plucky thanks man hope life is treating you well during this difficult time

  7. Since you haven't said anything lately about your boat, have you figured out yet what you are going to do about it?


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