What to eat when you visit Seattle… From amazing seafood to hotdogs covered in cream cheese, Seattle gives foodies a lot to love. But as we don’t have time to eat 100 things on our visits, here are the 5 tastiest treats to eat and drink when you visit Seattle, Washington.
Filmed in Seattle, Washington
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  1. Wolter I love your videos but disappointed to see that you have yet to travel to one of the most enchanting countries of Europe.

  2. You should do a video about money or time saving tips. A tip I have for people who are visiting with their kids, being a person who has been to London a few times, is Buy a box of kellogs cereal that has a picture of a purple ticket that says Kids or Mates go free as it has a voucher for 2 for 1 entry to the Attractions owned by Merlin Entertainments so the London eye, Sea life aquariums and Sea life centers, the Dungeons chain, Madame Tussauds and the UK's four major theme parks (Alton towers, Thorpe park, Chessington world of adventures and Legoland Windsor) as these will be the attractions you will pay most for (for example the theme park at Alton towers costs £55 for one adult and the London Dungeons is £30 per person).

  3. I'm really glad you mentioned Top Pot Doughnuts. The best donuts I've ever had. Definitely puts Dunkin Donuts to shame!

  4. Pike Place Market is fun, but they are horrendously expensive. There are an abundance of good places to get good seafood in Western WA. I also will NEVER patronize a place that takes part of the tip I leave for the server.

  5. Seattle food is awesome! I had the best fresh pear of my life there at the Pike Place Market. It was January, and the sellers gave out slices of fruit to passerby. I ended up buying a bunch of them and smuggling them home. So sweet and delicious!

  6. Sorry, after moving from Midwest to here, have to say food is subpar most of the time :/. (especially donuts and pastries)

  7. Finally a video of my city, but like you should've mentioned Dick's Drive In!! Classic Seattle food in my opinion

  8. I had some nice rockfish dish near the Pike Place Market about a month ago. Tried some good wine as well. I did not liked to have to carry my passport everywhere as non-us ids do not work as identification.

  9. If you are in the PNW and want the most unique donut experience you must make a trip to Voo Doo Donuts in Portland! Some of them may not be the most kid friendly concepts, but it still is a great spot.

  10. Hey There Fellow Travelers! Just a note, I messed up and said sour cream on the Seattle dog, that is WRONG!!! It is CREAM CHEESE ON THE SEATTLE DOG… I ate it and it was good and it was definitely Cream Cheese 🙂 Just wanted to make that note. My bad!!! Sorry!!!

  11. Only 2 months and i am going to Seattle. I am looking forward to get there. Thank you Mark for the Seattle videos.

  12. Nice job finding Piorshky and the Seattle dog For Pizza-Italian Family Pizza. Affordable Italian-Machiavelli
    on Pine St and The PInk Door in Pike Pl Market. Clam Chowder-Ivars and Pike Pl Chowder.French-Le Pichet
    on 1st Ave.

  13. If you like barbecue, go to; ' The Pecos pit ' near Starbucks HQ on 1st. ave. south, it's a Seattle institution for lunch, expect a line and cash only…For authentic french bread and pastries,; 'LePanier' on Pike place at Stewart st…

  14. If you want to go wine tasting, you might want to think about Woodinville. Woodinville "wineries" do not grow their own grapes, they do however process grapes from all over the state. The asian foods that come to my mind are Teriyaki, Pho, and Poke. Regarding drinks, the neighborhoods of Ballard and Fremont have a lot of craft breweries. You could easily make a day out of beer and eating in Ballard and Fremont, while visiting the Ballard Locks and Lake Union along Fremont. It was surprising to not see Dicks Drive In, which is Seattle's flagship fast food burger. Really though, if you want to the diverse ethnic areas you have to go to South Seattle like Columbia and White Center.

    The video was accurate and well made, Wolter was right to highlight Piroshki Piroshki. I just wanted to see if I could add in a little more detail.

  15. Thanks for these vids! Currently planning another trip to Seattle (for the day) and taking the train over to Vancouver.
    Any chance you’ll hit up Calgary or mountain areas?

  16. Come on man….Seattle Dog is with cream cheese, sauerkraut, grilled onions and sriracha hot sauce. Definitely go to Chinatown, you can get your seafood fix there too. Seattle does have good food, not impressed with his recommendations but it's ok I guess.


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