We go on a Southern California day trip to Echo Park. We climb up the Baxter Stairways, browse at Time Travel Mart, visit the historic Carroll Avenue Victorian Era Residences, take the Dodger Stadium Clubhouse Tour, ride the swan pedal boat at Echo Park Lake.

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  1. Awesome full day of tours/ activities for the family! Great to see the behind the scenes in a baseball park with the locker rooms, dug outs, and broadcast booths! Also, looked like a great day to go on the Swan Pedal Boats!!

  2. I haven't been to Dodger Stadium in years. Last time I went, for a ball game, I fell asleep lol. Don't judge me. That is a serious workout! I hate walking up steps lol. Great views for sure. I would like to time travel.

  3. That convenience store was so cool! Have you guys ever been to a Dodgers game?? That's something that I would like to do one day

  4. I've seen so many of your videos but I'm always impressed with your son's narration skills. He's so much better than me and my husband combined! Eww, ancient donuts?? What a fun place to explore 😀 Spiderwebs definitely mean that the house is haunted, that's just common sense, right? 😀 Thanks for sharing! Your videos always put a smile on my face 🙂

  5. Love your SoCal intro! "Watch out there's poop!"… sounds like my kids! lol. Those houses are really cool! We really need to do the stadium tour. We always try to catch a baseball game when we are traveling because we like to check out new stadiums. Funny that Dodger Stadium is one of the closest ones to home and we haven't even done the tour. We are all about the Angels though! 🙂 My kids would love the swan boats!


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