do i feel safe in San Francisco?
Electric skateboarding around San Francisco tonight. Stopped over at Dolores Park Later making my way over to the Castro grabbing a quick bite to eat. At the Thailand restaurant. While letting my Boosted board charger up. After dinner I jumped on a city bus and attempted to go over to the Marina neighborhood. Somehow the bus made a right turn and I found myself in one of San Francisco’s most affluent neighborhood. Perfect time to talk about safety in San Francisco. Do I feel safe in San Francisco?
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  1. sorry to here that my guy!! probably means u will never feel safe out here in the inner city!! most of the ppl down town or homeless are just like you NOT FROM SF 
    NONE NATIVE so u are def not alone wen u feel that way but as u live n  grow over time the city will def embrace u more then if u just use the city 2 make money 
    and never settle inn some were n soak up game and become a sum was native!! but u got game so u def gunna be good n the hood! RESPECTO N SALUTE

  2. This is a really good video. You shared some good insight about San Francisco. There really is zero warning regarding "the big one" earthquake. The Hayward fault which runs along the spine of the Oakland/Berkeley hills is the biggest worry since it's overdue and would devastate hundreds of thousands of people.

  3. When I lived in SF I used to see tons of homeless from 4th through 8th 9th streets going up on Market. I was really shocked due to the media showing SF an awesome place to visit or even live. When I was in school I had to walk to the Fillmore at night, people used to tell me/us to be careful, I never had any problems it was always quiet to me. Im not saying SF is terrible, no not by any means it is an awesome city but some things do stand out that you'd thought you'd never see. I miss the Bay hope to be back soon just to visit. Would I recommend moving to or visiting? Yes! Any where you go in the states most states have this problem with homeless and drug activity. I live in a much smaller city with the same issues. I was just a bit surprise to see one of the most awesome cities in America have a problem with homeless people on that scale. But yes SF is awesome, so much to do and see.

  4. Man, that's like Cali life in general. Gotta do what you gotta do to survive. Glad to see you out there doing it! Stay up!

  5. Yeah New Orleans had a lot going on after Katrina but still no place like New Orleans, best food in the world,and unique music and variety.

  6. good video showed you being natural AND CHILLING BY YOUR SELF. people think to make the video entertaining they have to have all kinds of random people in the video but this was perfect just you and the board and your world. loved it.

    some times i do the same thing at night get on my board and chill go eat. skate even more that's just me.

  7. Yeah, I always feel paranoid someone is behind me when at an exposed ATM. That's why I always go inside chase to the ATM. way more security.


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