This week we decide to check at Disney’s Pop Century Resort at Walt Disney World! We take you on a tour of the resort and look at the 5 different areas of the resort!

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  1. i’m just such a Poly snob……I don’t want to walk a mile to my room or to wait on a bus…That being said,it does look nice?!

  2. It's the only place I will stay. I like to have AoA so close, I can take their bus back. My next trip is Dec

  3. We stayed at Pop last month and we had a great experience. I had read some really bad reviews before going, but we had nothing but great experiences from our room, the cast members, and even the food was better than expected. We opted out of room service and were given a gift card. But when my daughter got sick in the middle of the night, housekeeping was there within minutes to give us new towels and sheets and help us clean. I would definitely stay there again.

  4. This was such a great informational video 😃.. super cool some of the stuff you said I was not aware of. Thank you I am a 70s child so bring it on!😁😉. Thank you guys great job!😎.. from here Florida Belinda Long 😁

  5. We will be staying there on the first week of July! Watching this video makes me very excited!! Big thanks from South Africa

  6. Great Video as always, Couple of fun facts.  A lot of the items in the shadow boxes in the lobby came from Disney Cast Members, also that number on the cell phone stair wells, That's the hotels phone number!!

  7. We stayed there last week. In the yo yo stairwell area. We had a renovated room. Our first stay there. We LOVED it. So comfortable in our room. They played music and tv show trivia games at the pool I swear for hours. So fun !!!! Why couldn’t I have seen y’all wondering around there then?😭. I had my eye out for my favorite WDW vloggers!

  8. I loved my stay at Pop Century with my family. Did you guys try the food court? I thought the food was very underrated there. Pulled pork was so good!

  9. Great hotel, we stayed this past May. The new rooms look amazing. The buss transportation is great, the hotel doesn’t share busses with another hotel. The food a good from breakfast to late night food. Even with strict food diets or allergies they will make it from scratch. The cast members are very friendly.

  10. Hey, i got to say hi to you guys while you were filming this! We loved staying there. Tip: request a building close to Classic Hall. We stay in the farthest bldg away and the walk was long…but it was nice to cut through parking lot to get to the busses. Also, the new renovated rooms are nice, but small. And walls are paper thin. We could hear people going to the bathroom!! But, no regrets! My kids loved this resort.

  11. I love Pop Century! We stayed there when we visited in 2014. Love the theming and all the pop culture! It's a fantastic resort.

  12. Hey Josh and Taylor- that’s actually the sky tram that they’re building. Soooo excited for it! I heard from a cast member a couple weeks ago when I was there with my brother and boyfriend that there will be a stop at the Art of Animation which is why you can see it from Pop Century!

  13. our favorite resort! we will be there to stay in just about 121 days! love Pop Century! Thanks for sharing the resort with all of us! <3

  14. do you guys know when the gondolas will be opening? we will be there in October and would love to use them for Food & Wine Festival! We are 3 adults that stay at this resort and have never had an issue with noise! you can request a room with a great view of fireworks from either Hollywood Studios or Epcot!


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