Disney Cruise Magic: Atlantis at Nassau, Bahamas was the second port of call during our Disney Cruise in April. We had a blast! This was through Disney as an excursion.

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  1. Looks like so much fun! We went over to Paradise Island just to look around during one of our Disney cruises, but didn’t go to the water park, maybe next time! Great vlog!

  2. Atlantis and a Disney cruise! Two birds one stone. I will have to plan this trip in the near future! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love this video 😎😃.. super we went there as well had so fun.. so happy you guys had FUN as well😄😃.. keep having fun and sending great videos🤗.. GOD BLESS love from here Florida Belinda Long 😄😃😍

  4. My husband and I went to Atlantis on our Honeymoon! We wanted to go back this year for our 10 year wedding anniversary but decided to go to Disney instead for various reasons. We stayed at Harborside which is the timeshares and we got our wristbands for every day included with our stay. Amazing!!! I can’t wait to go back someday!!!!

  5. Love this place…the lazy/not so lazy river here is awesome! Wish all waterparks had one like this! We did this and the dolphin swim as an excursion on a Carnival cruise. Wanted to go back but just can't ever stay away from the theme parks to take time and money to go. Thanks for sharing! ~Dawn

  6. haha your sister is like "thanks I got this double tube all by myself. Don't worry about me. I got it. Y'all just go on without me. I'll catch up." Ive never been to Atlantis. We said we would like to do it over going to the town ever again, but not for $200 each. I guess I'll just stay on the boat.

  7. LOVE Atlantis!! My family and I went there for an excursion on a Carnival cruise. One of the best excursions ever!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. We 💖 Atlantis! This brought back memories. We did the Dolphin interaction excursion and went on the lazy river and accidentally ended up on a slide. It made for good times!

  9. I really want to do that. Last cruise I was on was MSC and it wasn't an option. We did an island tour and stopped there for the casino. But I dont gamble so other than the Chihuly glass..it was boring!

  10. I agree with you on the bus/taxi ride to and from the ship, scary lol
    Great video !!
    We went on the Disney Wonder for our Honeymoon and took the Atlantis excursion and had a great time. Saw the biggest stingray I’ve ever seen.

  11. i hate that feeling too, taylor!! it doesnt go away for me, unless its for a second & just comes right back next drop. it actually makes me sad that i know i'd hate tower of terror, it's one of my favorite themes (horror, twilight zone). i just dont want 3 mins of crying/wishing for it to end lol.

  12. This looks like it was sooo much fun!! <3 I've been to Atlantis with my family, but it's been a really long time! We flew in and stayed for a few days, definitely recommend the beaches they have! Awesome vlog guys!!

  13. The wife and I took a cruise to the Bahamas one time and checked out the resort on a whim. Look into a tour of the facility but decided otherwise and walked around where we could. Went out a side door of the casino to check out a lagoon I spotted with some stingrays in it near the villas. Looked like there was an employee there to stop us from going further but ended up taking our picture for us and telling us to have a nice day. We ended up on a self-guided tour all over the entire Resort. The wife kept looking over her shoulder waiting for somebody to spot us without wristbands and asking us to leave. I kept telling her to just act like she belong there and don't worry about it. Even stopped an employee on the bridge over the Lagoon to talk about the different fish in the water. The wife was bugging out a little bit at that time. Lol. Ended up have an amazing time touring the entire facility on our own. Would definitely love to spend a few days there. Absolutely amazing Resort!

  14. Ha that looks so fun! I think since it will be our first cruise in December we are staying on the ship and exploring, but next cruise we have to do this!!!

  15. I've always wondered what Atlantis was like. It looks like a lot of fun if water slides, etc, are your thing, but I'm more of a sitting on the beach with a book enjoying the view kind of person, so don't think the cost of the excursion would be worth it for me. Thanks for sharing!

  16. That place looks so awesome. Thanks for sharing. Wow, $200 a person. Makes the cost of a day at Disney World not seem so bad.
    How long is the bus ride to get there? How long do you get to stay at Atlantis?


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