This is part two of my series about Denver, Colorado!

I loved eating my way through Denver as it has a burgeoning food scene that really impressed me and it definitely rivals the scene in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle or Portland.

More vlogs to come on giving you practical Denver travel tips!

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Video notes:

1) Tupelo Honey Cafe: Tupelo Honey serves up responsibly sourced, classical Southern Food with modern twists. Impeccably executed cocktails (check out the liquid nitrogen Mountain Smoke in the video) and food. Must get: the signature Fried Chicken dish was is enough to feed 2-4 people.

2) Inside Scoop Creamery: creamy, fresh ice cream with unique flavors such as Lavender Honey. I thought that their ice cream tasted really light which is better than typical, heavy ice cream shops. Waffle cone quality is also high (very important!)

3) T-Rex Cafe (located in the Denver Museum of Art & Science): if you have to eat in here, this is probably the best place to do it. I enjoyed having a good mix of fresh vegetable dishes and the price wasn’t too unreasonable.

4) Sushi Ronin: wow, this is a buzzy place in Denver. The Chef does not disappoint: his sushi dishes honor traditional techniques and ingredients but he does a good job of bringing in novel sauces and flavors to extremely high quality seafood.

5) Ink! Coffee: one of the best coffee places in Denver. I think most of the coffee places are better than the ones in Seattle, LA or Portland.

6) Cholon: Asian fusion is often done wrong, but they do it so, so right. Amazingly creative dishes executed to perfection. Very balanced flavors and delicious cocktails. Happy Hour is a steal, with non-neutered menus.

7) Happy Cones Company: serves New Zealand fruit ice cream, which is something I never had before. Uses a special machine of which there are only three in the United States. Consists of mostly fruit puree and delicious vanilla ice cream base.

8) Still Smoking BBQ Truck: it’s one thing to have a great BBQ truck, and yet another to execute inventive twists such as corn grit waffles and fried chicken with homemade hot sauce. Yummy!

9) Great Divide Brewing Company: come here for the free tour; stay for the beer. I highly recommend their Roadie (Grapefruit Radler).

10) Rioja: elevated Spanish Tapas. I really like their 4x wine pour deal. Every dish I had was done really well, especially the crusted octopus which was cooked perfectly: tender on the inside, crispy on the outside!

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Fun facts about the solar eclipse in Denver:

• The eclipse began at approximately 10:23 am
• It achieved 92% coverage at 11:47 am
• The eclipse was over at approx 1:14 pm
• The weather felt noticeably cooler and darker at 92% coverage, but it’s nowhere close to totality!

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