We have been heeled over for days and it makes it hard to do anything!

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  1. Bobby,, To prevent fuel spills on the no spill type spouts, just hack saw off part of the black slider that pushes against the fuel tank lip so that when the fuel tank is full the gas level reaches the end of the fuel spout and stops the flow. Then just lift off. Will try to find a picture.

  2. Thinking about that last statement about the sun's position and then the direction /distance/starting point travelled from. Fascinating and generous fix thanks. University of YouTube throws us another conceptual bone.

  3. Really loving these daily updates on the crossing! You all will start to smell land soon 🙂

  4. Oh yea and Laura the REASON its Hot in the Galley, well sweety its because your In it………its not the cooking thats causing it..Always look for the Positive i say..

  5. That cat LaVegabonde is on reduced way back to preserve Rileys neck to 10 knots. They were around 18 for awhile. Pretty dramatic difference between the two type of boats. Riley got to 22knots on a speed run.

  6. Your right Bobby, Those non-spill spout are a pain in the ass !!! I would rather have a little air port behind the handle !!!

  7. Good stuff. Evidently you have fixed your throttle cable well enough to do what you need. Good sails to you all, Jim

  8. I watch your vids and never comment…but this daily video of these crossings will make your channel explode in my opinion ..The west coast and Mexico stuff was shakey Bob.."My Opinion" but this stuff is really,really good….why? because its that….Real.. Thumbs up …Say hi to Mo'orea when you get on anchor there….the BEST!

  9. Not to be rude but does she have a baby pooch and strechted skin ? PS mom's are hot . Just a question? Her having a previous child and then getting fake boobs?

  10. Editing can be a mother sometimes. Its tedious and mundane and time consuming. Even though you rarely make mistakes but not always. SAILING DOODLES/your text here. Love these short daily episodes.


  12. Oh Bobby, there you go again WITHOUT your safety vest on the bow! Got to make that a habit everytime you go forward. Watching Laura cooking in the galley looked really uncomfortable for her. However, seeing her tight body and her mentioning that she was getting in her flexing got me , how do I say this nicely……….."flushed"!

  13. Bobby you do know they make battery operated fuel transfer pumps. You stick one end into the container and the flexible end in your tank. Flip the switch and viola no mess no fuss no wrangling cans into the pour position. Try amazon!

  14. Laura! You are so tough, sexy and beautiful all in one! The perfect Woman. Love watching you tough it out without complaining!

  15. Please put your shirt back on , at least for the videos . I always hit the like button , you seemed more real before you started to do this . I'm not an ass , I'm 55 and in decent shape , I'm not walking the beach with my shirt off taking videos of it , just saying ! As we all age , some still think of their body as they did in their youth . Your personality and spirit use to move me , I think you are quietly losing that edge . Still like you my friend , think about ?

  16. Yeah, those non-spill spouts suck. We bought all of the older ones, the regular ones, our local Home Depot had, as they were bringing in the new stock.

  17. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Absolutely correct! Though my tinfoil hat is blocking the black helo guys from finding me, I am absolutely certain that those horrible freaking NO SPILL spouts were invented as part of a BIG OIL CONSPIRACY to force us to buy more fuel! 😀 The are the world HQ of SUCK!

  18. Also, put your damn safety harness on when you go to the bow. Come on man! You are the Capt. It literally takes the blink of an eye and as a pilot, YOU KNOW THAT. I KNOw it;s a hassle. So is getting lost at sea.

  19. F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. !!! So wish I was with you on this crossing !! My turn is coming as we make ready.

  20. Bobby and Laura complained about so many things in this vlog ! I'm dissapointed they didn't complain about the sun ! Maybe next vlog ! thanks for sharing 😎

  21. Never heard a sailor complain so much about being heeled over. Maybe you should go for a catamaran next! 🙂 Congrats on safe passage and good vids.

  22. Watch the stove (hard for the guys. Lol) but its swaying hard core. Makes cooking a workout. Bony hips, lol.

  23. ** Bobby, Laura and Thad … you are doing well ! very strong physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually ! STRONG.
    ** " 9 MPH in a RV from NY to LA slower than being in a school zone ! " sheeeeeeeeeesh. GOD Bless

  24. Bobby….Amen brother for the "Non Spill Nozels" comment. What a stupid over engineered piece of crap they are. I eventually sorted mine out with a saw and some pliers.


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