This baby wren appeared in my life at the most inconvenient moment, at a time when I just didn’t have time to take care of a baby bird but I did it, I cared for it as best I could until I could get it to a wildlife rescue center the next day. I found it outside the building where my office is and then I brought it to the hut for the night. I fed it, gave it water, then we went back to the office in the morning where I searched online for a wildlife rescue center nearby.

If you find an injured or lost wild animal, look for a wildlife rescue center in your area. Many are open every day and even have cages outside to drop off wild animals after hours. I brought this baby wren to Project Wildlife in San Diego, California.

Here is the link to Project Wildlife in San Diego:

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  1. Awwww,,,such a cute little bird,, a few years ago, my cat was chasing a baby rabbit,and it ran into the house behind our chest freezer, so I had to leave my cat in another room, so I could check him over,, I wrapped him in a towl, and tryed to see if he would eat or drink,,,but wasent interested, prob, still in shock,well after an hour or so,, we I decided to let him go,, he wasent injured, or hurt, luckyly,, so he hopped all the way to the back of the garden,, to freedom,or to his burrow, meanwhile, as he was free, we fed our cat, and kept him amused, for around an hour,all was well we let our cat out again,,we never know what happens with animals,when away from us for a while, but had to give that bunny a chance,a year later, an adult rabbit, came very close to our back door,,,wondering was that the baby,, all grown up, or just another rabbit, we will never know, but that little bunny,cuddled right up to me under my chin!!!! Till he franticly wanted to go bk to his own family,I hate to see any animal hurt, and will try to help if I can,,a lot of birds fall out of their nests, or become prey to other animals,that's just the way it is,but we help if we can, .more great videos!!👍☺

  2. Que lindo, parabéns pelo seu carinho com o pássaro, ele ganhou um papai rs fiquei triste em vc não ficar com ele, mas sei que é difícil pra cuidar de um bichinho assim, mas feliz em saber que lá ele vai ser bem cuidado, pra sobreviver foi linda sua atitude de cuidar dele premeiro.parabens um bom dia, good morning.

  3. Aren't you supposed to chew up the worm and then spit it into the baby's mouth? It's easier for them to digest it that way. Come on Chad I know you can do it.

  4. Que hermoso..amo los animalitos…mucho mas k a los humanoides..ha ha ha …(lo….Pero a ti..te super amo…igual yo cuido a los animalitos…sobreprotejo..ahora sera integrado. .con sus. .parients p

  5. молодец! 🙂 всё правильно сделал! 🙂 хороший человек! 🙂

  6. When I took care of 4 baby abandoned Wrens, I fed them with a skewer stick. It was so awesome when they opened their eyes, they thought I was their mother. I could take them outside and they would fly all around me, and climb all over me. They wouldn't even leave me.
    It was such a blessing to have them, sadly one died but that's to be expected.
    You're blessed and you have a very good heart Chad. I really like you for taking such great care of God's creatures.
    God bless you in everything that you do. I hope that doesn't bother you that I believe in God and I say God bless to you.
    Hugs and have a blessed life!


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