Once again we’ve gone to the free concert at Cactus Pete’s in Jackpot Nevada.
three couples my self and wife included off their RVs and went down and spend a few days in Nevada.
I don’t think any of us even stepped foot in one of the casinos, I know I don’t have the money to gamble because I never win.
We have found jackpot to be slowing down is the only word I can think of. Some of the restaurants and businesses do not even open up till 5 PM.
The once great RV camping spots, are still good spots. But there is no cable vision and most of them, Wi-Fi is very hard to get in most of them. And in the lower RV Park if you pull your trailer and someone posing behind you they Unhook from there RV. Very poor planning in the parking. The parking I’m talking about needs to be changed into only one unit. Per site. All of the sites are rather small once you have unhook a decent sized RV. My RV is only 38 point but once I unhook it my pickup is sticking out into the main road and almost got hit by a un-attentive driver in his motor home. The only missed my pickup by about 6 inches.
This may be the last time we go down there. Especially if they have the concert in their fenced off arena. usually, they have it in the yard which everyone can sit in their lawn chairs and relax and have a good time. The Friday night concert was in the yard very comfortable and very good bands. I have no problem with the bands at all they were all great.
we had a good time but we been there before and had a great time.
I hope this little video gives you an idea what to expect if you attend the free concert in contact is Pete’s casino in jackpot Nevada.

I do not get paid for any of my cameras vehicles or anything I review,
Hank is my wonderful best friend is also a Boston Terrier. He travels with me everywhere even on my motorcycle, so far we have not taken any long trips together. He gets too hot or too cold.

Vehicles I’m using in some of these videos are,

A 2009 Electra glide ultra classic. I have done some modifications to it. Some of them you can see at the following link.

A Dodge 2007 RAM 2500 series diesel pickup.
I have added many modifications to it also but as you will see in the video below I’m having a major problem with air-conditioning.

The RV we are using right now is a Montana built by Keystone is 2009, 38 foot with four slide outs. Once again we have added many modifications to the fifth wheel trailer.
This video will show you a little of the RV and also what you should do before you hit the road.

Here is a list of cameras that I use,

I use a Sampson galaxy 4, cell phone for a lot of the videos. Because it’s usually close by when something happens.

I also have a GoPro Black Hero 4, that I will be using for most of the road shots.

I have updated from my 2017, Topjoy 1080P Full HD 2.0 inch LCD Screen Waterproof Sports Action Camera, as you can see in the video below this camera never was really clear.

I also use a Canon Rebel Ti1, I have used it taking a lot of still photos, and of as late these Christmas light photos and videos in this link.

Starting this year 2018 I have a new addition to my camera group, it is a Sony Handycam HDR CX675 Video camera.


  1. Well  , you on pain pills, so we know who's getting drunk ..lol. Love the Harley tee shirts and all the motorcycles there. So cool to have a washing machine in the RV. So, how tough is it to be retired while I am at work watching your vlog..lol..Hope to be retied soon. Another great vlog ,looked like ya'll had a great time. Need an update on your progress riding the Harley . Thanks for posting , enjoyed it……Thumbs up.

  2. looks like the knees are getting stronger , my retirement only lasted about 4 years before i went back to work [mainly helping out a friend by going back ] and yes when i retired my wife had a hell of alot projects waiting for me . looks like it was a cool and enjoyable weekend for you guys . i dont think you will have any problems riding that harley to sturgis


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