Sub for more: | Prissy Holly for Freedom Daily reports, The city of Las Vegas became the gruesome crime scene overnight in what’s being dubbed the deadliest mass shooting on U.S. soil. Sixty-four-year-old Stephen Paddock holed himself up in a casino hotel room with 15 guns, where he shot down on concert goers below, massacring, as of this report, 59 and wounding at least 527 others.

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  1. subhuman americans deserve this shooter and worse for having served the interest of the kike joos in world war 2. infact not only am i not sorry for you subhuman whites. i am enjoying watching your well deserved karma, when the kike jew stabs you in the back. how stupid do you have to be to betray europe and its peoples in favor of communist kikes? and the jew still controls your country. I honestly dont want to help braindead trailer trash subhuman whites but if they are looking for a chance at reversing things they have to begin with gassing the jews and themselves because most of them are braindead pieces of dogshit.

  2. if this is a false flag there is only 1 reason why. it is an excuse to give money to subhuman white trash americans for serving kike jew plans. literally white subhumans receiving tons of money for doing nothing other than being white, and swallowing cum of devil kike dicks.

  3. You would think by now that if the guy in the video was not the shooter he would have come forth to show it wasn’t. It probably was the shooter.

  4. Just look at his shirt he worked for NASA as well so it's got to be him….i do believe it's him….but he did not do the shootings he was set up by his co-workers!

  5. So the guy attends an anti-Trump "rally"? Doesn't seem to be well attended does it. Actually if that is Paddock then the story of his "conversion to Islam" seems even less likely.

  6. This shit is retarded. Leftist hate ? Lol. Uhhh, Dylan Roof, the nazi that ran over and killed people ….they are all disturbed people. Keep politics out of it.

  7. If you are really searching for the truth. Then check the following story wich is only based on the real facts wich everybody can check by him or herself .
    I claim that nobody noticed that the so called maintenanceman Stephen Schuck is the same man on the video where you can see what happend in a somehow strange video wich was taken in the Tropicana hotel in the same time that the shooting was going on the Harvest festival, well in these video you can see a group of nine "securityguards" wich carry also a empty brancard and are "marching" inclusive drawn assault guns at the same time screaming " handsup " passing the stunned visitors of the casino wich stood
    almost frozen with their hands high in the air.
    Now watch closely the last man of the right lane side of this group " securitymen" , well that man is Stephen Schuck the so called maintenanceman who had be at that moment on 32th floor of tje Mandalay Bay hotel assualted by Paddock together with Campos at the 32thfloor of the MandalayBay hotel where he was according the statement given by the police.
    Thats not all Stephen Schuck has in the video at the Tropicana some kind of beard, wich he still has a day later where he is telling his story in a "akward way" on tv interviewed by Abc and Nbc today.
    Now notice also that Stephen Shuck was later brought in by the policedepartment actually to solve a contradiction wich occured by questions from the media in a earlier given statement by police.
    Now what is important is that when this all happend , the weird looking video about that what happend in the Tropicana was not yet appeared on the internet.
    Wich was also not written in the script , this had only the purpose
    to create a other false flag among the many others wich were
    created in other Hotels and places in Las Vegas so that some more people came forward to tell a weird story what happend in the Tropicana.
    That explain also the behaviour of the group to shout handsup just to prevent people to take any video's.
    Later when they discover on the internet a video wich showed up
    from this event (and is also the only one others are a bad kopie with a lower resolution) this brought direct a big problem. Because now somebody could detect a link with Stephen Schuck.
    Well it is impossible that Stephen Schuck could be at both places at the same time.
    This must be also the reason why the already planned interviews for the five biggest tvnetwork stations at primetime where cancelled, without any explanation to the media , they just disappear from the scene.
    They calculate that this would be a to big risk that somebody would make this connection.
    So they decide a several days later to change that into a "womensprogram" by EllendeGeneres wich told the world right away that this the first and only interview would be given by Campos and Schuck.
    So now they have to do their "thing" in a much less viewed tvprogram under the obvisious guided help from Ellen without the possibility to ask certain questions, not at primetime,
    without further discussions ,
    well this was not only for those two convenient , but even more for Sheriff Lombardo and the FBI crew.
    But his appearance caught immidiatly my attention , because now he showed up fully shaved without a trace of a beard, a little more darker hair and slightly diffrent haircut .
    I still remembered him with a beard when he told his story to ABC , NBC and other networks.
    Without given in any appereance for tv. , a signal that he was touched or impessed by the shooting.
    I realised that a lot didn't fit , so i focused me to find a explanation for his diffrent look
    Finally i found the solution and after the use of a special sophisticated software also the proof aswell.
    Now there must be also footage from the camera's wich are many in that perticular area of the Tropicana casino.
    They were marching straight under several camera's.
    If the Tropicana would release these footage, you will right away see that he is indeed Stephen Schuck. Then it will be easy but unless a other video show up it will be difficult to make a absolute conclusion .
    To proof it with this video sure is possible but you need a sophisticated professional software program.
    For me it is without any doubt Stephen Schuck . The only remaining question for me is, by whom he really gets payed .
    So can off you pick this up to bring this further. It will give you finally all the answers you need and where all victums have a right to know this and i do not meaning only this event but for all these people wich effected with their losses, pain and sorrow in this endless looking chain of terrible events without the knowledge when this continuos slaugthering of innocent men, women and children will stop.
    However i can't assist you further.
    I am limited in my actions and first responsible to protect my own source.
    I never talk about any conspiracys or maybe's or couldbe's or it must be in a setting of a logical ask question but never with any political purpose as goal.
    My remarks and findings are always based on the facts wich everybody can easily verifed by theirselfs, if you know where you have to look. The original was taken by Jay Paloma from Cerritos.

  8. This is my comment to a video which shows the public a professional scientific sound analysis of the Las vegas shooting wich were investigate by a FBI agent.
    I was fully satisfied and agree with his analyses, findings, and conclusion they were indeed fully correct , but only with the following remark, when you take the same used evidence to make this analyses.
    Now what is far more important that he analysed and conclude that there was indeed a second shooter .
    Wich has a signifant impact and is very important to the investigation in relation to the Las Vegas shooting. Namely this evidence not only proofs that there was a second shooter it give also a possibility to explain all facts now what really happend.
    The analysis gave also that the shooter had to operate at a closer distance to the concertground then the Mandalay Bay hotel.
    Well i completly agree with this conclusion
    because that will gives us at the same time the oppurtunity to look at this in a diffrent perspectiv.
    It will gives us also the freedom to look for every other used weapon and Kalibre bullits aswelll and we are no longer have to stare at the arsenal of heavy waepons wich were found in Paddock's room.
    I have always said that not one bullit was fired from Paddock's room at the 32th floor for me that was right away a big false flag. That have said , gives us not the solution that all facts fit into one event.
    What we can say is that this also means that a much smaller kalibre could be used, wich fit with to the gunfirewounds wich several of the victums shows us on television.
    My doubts and struggling about this hole shooting had to do , that the four elements namely WEAPONS,SOUNDFOOTAGE and GUNSHOTWOUNDS simply didn't fit in any way.
    Like you have one piece of a puzzle left, but doesnt not fit into that puzzle.
    Somehow there must be a possibility to make them fit into a logical, understandable and coherent explanation wich the public give the real story of this event.
    This had to do with the sound and it would at the same time some other events explain aswell. This heavy massiv automatic gunfire wich everybody could hear along the hole strip was in contradiction with that we actual see in any of the footage of the shooting along the strip.
    Thats why many people at first thought it was fireworks or others wich said it sounds not like gunfire and second if it was only the sound you hear without the real effect what would give then you have a more realistic scenary .
    Yes there was panic and chaos but nowhere you can actual see what indicate or suggest that there was a high powered gunfire was going on.
    This sound had to come from somewhere else of a hightech sound system.
    Now put this together the conclusion had to be that this sound came from the several helicopter which at that time flying around the strip and concertground. But disapeared when the shooting was ended.
    This explain also the variety in distances, diffrent level in hights and the diffrence locations along the strip where all reports came from Sometimes with a support act directly on the ground to make to make it even more real.
    Consider also that the majority of the
    public simply not know how these sound of such a heavy massiv automatic gunfire from hearing to actual seeing how they must this translate in their brain.
    Well i can assure that such a shooting would give you a completly diffrent
    other scenary then you can see on the footage.
    We could not found anything in all the available footage wich were taken around the strip and concertground wich come even close to such a scenery. After looking for over 100 hours with two men some footage over and over again.
    We found only one single shot wich we could see wich hit the pavement and in two other video's we actually could see that two people were indeed hit, SO NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT THERE WERE SHOTS FIRED,
    but also with this following remark that there were much less shots fired what they like the puplic to believe ,but also with a much smaller kalibre of bullit instead a 223 kalibre wich according the found weapons.
    Now it is up to you
    what everybody may believe or not I hope that this statement will give you some of the answers wich became everyday more and more.

  9. Ummmm… Hasn't anyone watching this noticed how the people in the footage are CLEARLY not the two this dickhead is claiming them to be??? It's the height of ridiculousness! When sheeple start buying into utterly desperate clutching at straws shit like this… We can all safely assume that such a level of naivety and stupidity will doom mankind earlier than anticipated… This fucker delivering this fabrication is a scum bag, how do these cunts sleep at night!?

  10. Sorry Gary, that does not look like Paddock or his girlfriend at all…..other than the fact that the guy in pink has a beard and moustache somewhat resembling Paddock, there is no other resemblance, and the girl that is being referred to as his girlfriend is taller, heavier, and is clearly white, not Filipino….nope, not them at all…you can clearly see in the video at 2:04 that it is not him at all….and at 1:52 in video the guy in pink is standing very close to another woman altogether, and they seem to be together as close as they are to one another…hey, I am all for trying to find the guy in any other related videos, but it is not them….


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