Dana’s Bakery in South Hackensack, NJ makes cookies that burst with rainbows. The treats are made with dyed cookie dough, then iced with melted fondant and chocolate. We compared a traditional black and white cookie with its rainbow counterpart to see if there’s a difference in taste.

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Produced by: Lauren Shamo, Herrine Ro


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  2. yummy! I wouldn't mind eating the rainbow black and white cookie looks so nice and that Mookie I also would like to try 🙂

  3. I love how it says"edible food coloring"! Without "edible" people would still think it's edible. It says it in the name! FOOD coloring

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  5. You didn't have to write "edible food colouring"

    If it's food colouring it's obviously going to be edible

    If it wasn't then why the hell would it be called food colouring 😂

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