It’s our final day in Barcelona! We visit more amazing places, like La Sagrada Familia, La Boqueria Market, and the Block of Discord!

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  1. Barcelona is such a beautiful city! We did it a while ago, but we have just done Madrid and we much preferred Barcelona! Great video guys keep up the great work. Which place in Barcelona did you love?

  2. This is the first vlog of yours I'm watching and it brings me so much joy because I was in Spain in April 2015 and all the memories I have from that trip is precious. I loved Spain and I totally got Rick Steves vibes the moment you started talking about La Sagrada Familia. Great job!

  3. I’m surprised that the Travel Channel hasn’t picked up Tyler Travel’s! Maybe you should send them some of your vlogs 😉

  4. Tyler, if you and Jess love La Boqueria then you need to visit Thailand. Thailand is full of open air markets. We went to multiple markets while in Bangkok and devoured freshly made pineapple fried rice, ice cream rolls, and tons of exotic fruits. Keep in mind that Thailand is extremely inexpensive.

  5. This was such a great vlog! I bet you were both so exhausted after everything! Going back and rewatching your vlogs, my Goodness not only do you and Jess have regular jobs, you two vlog/do videos non-stop..I hope everyone appreciates the time you two take to film, edit, upload, plus work itself, fixing up your house and now getting ready for Baby Girl…lol. I'm exhausted for you two!! But, in all sincerity, thank you sooo much! Your fans appreciate all the hard work you two do!!

  6. Could have stayed in La Boqueria all day!!! I wanted one of everything! Also… wasn't the Sagrada Familia massive? So much bigger than expected; I was in awe!

  7. I love Rick Steves too! Been watching him for years. And that short series: "I'll have what Phil's having" I loved that too! You are the only other person I've ever heard talking about it. Barcelona is awesome. Please tell Jess I really like the mustard colored top. That's a good color on her. Are we (okay, you and Jessica) having a baby this weekend? Excited to see her!👶🍼🌸

  8. Great video! After these ones, I seriously think I have to add Barcelona to my list of bucket list places. P.S. The way you pronounced "Barcelona" at the end, reminded me of how Ted Mosby pronounces things in How I Met Your Mother! 😉

  9. My HUSBAND, (married on 5/19) and I leave for Barcelona today! This series has been wonderful, and just made me so excited! As always love both your vibes and can’t believe this was already so long ago! All the home updates and baby growing that you’ve done since!

  10. We loved barcelona.we stayed in the Montjuic area and walked up to the olympic park.there sre green parrotkeets in the tree' ia amazing.

  11. YES! YOU WATCH I'LL HAVE WHAT PHILL'S HAVING. Season two is on netflix and its called Somebody feed Phil


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