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Since we are staying in Bali for over 30 days we have to extend our visa at the immigration office, the process takes us on a hectic journey as we try and sneak in some lunch in between our turn in line. We finish the night off with some food and bevys in Sanur.

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  1. Guys: suggestion: in Sanur, you can maybe visit the Deserted Theme Park named Taman Festival Sanur for an urban exploration, a bit chilling for some kind of horror atmosphere – rumour has it. It is a quite a massive theme park. Would love to see your guys' reactions in exploring the park!. Hey, awesome videos, keep it up! Thanks! More: https://ikimasho.net/2015/09/21/taman-festival-abandoned-theme-park-in-bali-indonesia/ and https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g297700-d6854217-Reviews-Taman_Festival_Bali-Sanur_Denpasar_Bali.html

  2. I went to my first All You Can Drink night with my college roommate on his 22nd birthday. There may or may not have been an incident involving me, my roommate's girlfriend, and my roommate's girlfriend's sister while my roommate was in jail for fighting at the bar.

  3. These Bali blogs are the best YouTube videos ever!! Literally obsessed with every one of them! I want to go there so bad now!

  4. Indonesian immigration laws is sucks broo..
    You'll definitely hard to get some permission.
    But if you pay higher than average, you'll get the permission fast.
    Cuz they want more money from you.

  5. Does it easyer fly to another Asean Country then go back to Bali, your visa automaticaly renewed if Canadian got free visa to Bali

  6. Wanna know the best thing about this? I can watch this vid on time!!!! (Since he is staying on bali rn and im only a hour away from him)

  7. Should have cut out that part at the end with the drunken ranting. Drunk people look so stupid to everyone who is sober yet think they're so cool and funny.


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