Visiting Aquatica, SeaWorld’s Waterpark. This is one of the fun things to do with kids in San Diego County. The waterpark, located in Chula Vista, features a wide array of attractions for all ages and swimming abilities, one of which passes by a flamingo habitat.

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  1. OMG… Now that Connor is a waterslide champion, he would love this! We might have to go down there and do this. Trying to figure out what to do for his birthday.

  2. Kiwi curl was awesome!! Did you film that with your phone? I'd be too scared of water damage.

    And the slo-mo hahaha nicely done Tony

  3. Wow, some of that is pretty rough for the little ones. But looks like a lot of fun! That was funny in the wave pool where brother kept getting hit in the face wave after wave and just kept taking it!

  4. The flamingos are awesome! I haven't seen a water park with real animals in it before! So cool. Glad your kids liked the wave pool too! Out of all the fun slides and rides at the water parks, my kids consistently like to go back to the wave pool.

  5. I have been wanting to go to Aquatica for the longest time! The first year they opened, I tried to go and they were at full capacity 🙁 This reminds me to try going again. The waterslide shots are so fun and that slowmo was great LOL!

  6. Looks like they had so much fun! That park looks like it has everything, the flamingos are a neat touch. I loved watched brother go down the kids slides.

  7. Aquatics looks like a very fun place! I like how you can see the flamingos from the lazy river! My boys would love it there! They LOVE swimming!

  8. Wow this is super fun .. I did this long time back wen I was in school . Would surely like to do this again .I loved watching both the kids play .

  9. I love those waterfall type thingy! And Kiwi Curl looked so awesome! Haha, thank you for taking me to this cute journey.

    PS. That Slo-Mo at 1:22! HAHAHA!

  10. The boys obviously were in their element on the water slides. Didn't even appreciate that there was an Aquatica in California until watching this. What were the crowd levels like on your visit? From the footage it doesn't look too busy ?

  11. I love the flamingos there, they are really cool! And it looks like a great place to take the family and spend the day!

  12. Indeed, this park is full with fun activities for kids. So many different and amazing rides. Few years ago we have visited SeaWorld and we truly enjoyed the time there but for some reason we didn't go to Aquatica at all. Well, may be next time.

  13. Omg they have real flamingos! I love them! I'm planning my trip to California and after watching your video I want to plan one day in this awesome park! ?


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