After an AMAZING day exploring Anchorage, AK and watching the Fur Rondy dog sled races, the night takes a turn for the worse when our Airbnb completely falls through 😭

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  1. There's no accountability with these types of companies. It's like renting privately…..unregulated.

  2. I don’t do last minute Airbnb for that reason . I do reservations months ahead so if the host cancel I have plan B hotel or hostel. Anyway have fun in Alaska 😊

  3. Sorry to hear about your AirB'n'B misfortune. You dealt with that situation very well. I know you've had some great accommodation in Europe, but personally I would never use AirB'nB, nor Uber and the like. I do hope your fortunes improve. Oh, and it's World Happiness Day today… 😢😖😥

  4. I'm a bit disappointed you did not even mention that Fur Rondy is the party that kicks off one of the most famous races in the world, the Iditarod. But, yeah, you can't cover everything. You captured part of the ceremonial Iditarod start in Anchorage and did not even mention it. You came during off season, however (always that "however") you arrived in Anchorage during Fur Rondy/Iditarod. Services are minimal in Alaska during off season, and you arrived during the busiest time of the underserviced off season. Lesson: Must book ahead. But there are some GREAT BNB's all over the state. And then the biggie. The mudflats of Knik Arm. I love you guys, but as an Alaskan, I'm telling you, you will loose your Alaskan fanbase over your lack of research regarding the tidal mudflats. That's not mud. It is fine dust ground up by glaciers and is deadly. Alaska let you get away with being very foolish, and you survived. She must like you, but she won't let you get away with many more moments of such ignorant bliss. You could have died out there in the 32 foot hypothermic fierce tides atop the 1000foot deep quicksand-glacial silt deposit that eats a couple of tourists each year. Google "Glacial Silt Mudflats Knik Arm" and please edit the video so others don't walk out on those deceptively inviting flats. You were there at just the right few minutes of ignorant bliss. Aside from all that, love you guys! Great vids! Look up "Bore Tides" too.

  5. on hold for 30 mins on a mobile it would have been cheaper to sleep in the rental car guys lol ..glad you got it sorted cool video 👍

  6. So excited you guys are in Alaska. We'll be there this summer, so it's fun to see what it all looks like in the winter. Looking forward to eating recommendations.

  7. I’m sure you were happy that you could plug n your car. Block heaters are vital to having a car that starts. I have pulled my car in when I went to school in NOrth Dakota. You crack me up will all the snow talk. That amount of snow and cold weather are normal here in the ND/MN/WI

  8. hey guys love your adventures realy amazed by you guys.. great going.. keep traveling n posting. please also check our channel n videos in it. hit the thumb if you like n subscribe to help us grow.. 😘

  9. Booked an Airbnb in LA that was not as offered and spent 5 hours trying to figure it out for them to tell us that they would not help us. When we got into the sketch place the door to a main road was smashed as if someone tried to break in. They told us that because there are bars on the door with the smashed glass that we were still safe. I get that ya’ll use their service and yes 90% of the hosts are great but the customer service we got from them when disappointed was horrible.

  10. yikes what an ordeal…be careful…frostbite is real! only tread where you know the area and wherever you are now, no more complications! xo


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