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Thanks to Yves from Everywhere Travel Tours: yvesbernardin@gmail.com

Gisenyi is a beautiful town on the shores of Lake in Rwanda. The lake is incredible, surrounded by lush green mountains. It’s a perfect place in Rwanda to spend some time relaxing, learning about the culture, and eating. One of the main Rwandan foods to eat at Lake Kivu is sambaza, a fish similar to sardines.

To begin this food and cultural tour of Gisenyi, Lake Kivu, we first stopped off at the local market, and took a boat ride. They were not allowed to fish on that day to control the fishing, but the fishermen gave us a quick lesson on how they fish, and took us out on a boat just to show us. It was one of the highlights of the day for me. The fishing boats are so peaceful and the rowing songs were amazing.

After having a quick snack of some deep fried sambaza, which were delicious, we continued on to one of the biggest fresh markets in Gisenyi. We saw ladies pounding cassava leaves, and stopped to eat some fruit. The tree tomatoes in Rwanda by the way are delicious.

Ibyiwacu Restaurant – Next we ate a quick Rwandan food lunch at a local restaurant. Buffets are very common in Rwanda, you choose all your different starches, with beans, and a couple of different sauces, and you can choose if you want meat or without meal. Overall, very good and fresh food, a little plain, but good with some extra chili sauce.
Price – 1,500 RWF ($1.70) per person

Next we headed to a local home for a home cooked African meal, including some of the local ingredients commonly used in the culture around Lake Kivu. Sambaza are a staple, but since we already had some fried, they made a peanut (groundnut) stew with the fish, and also made some vegetable dishes, with rice, and a number of other starches.

The sambaza with peanut sauce was the BEST meal of my entire trip to Rwanda.

Thanks to Yves from Everywhere Travel Tours: yvesbernardin@gmail.com

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  1. Awesome again Mark. Love to see more of the family too!
    Must mention we know where you get your good looks and class from! Your dad is so handsome. Bring him along anytime! He reminds me of Anderson Cooper on CNN.

  2. In Tamil Nadu We make some similar dishes like shows in video and we call it as fish curry ,dry fish curry ,keerai (leafy greens)

  3. It's a beautiful area and the food is healthier than what you ate in the
    past. You should show some sort of rapor or connection with your wife and
    child though. Your job is awesome but you seem quite selfish.

  4. Kia Ora Mark and your lovely family . Hi baby Micah x ❣️ Wow, your baby is growing fast, 🦋 active and full of energy, so beautiful and gorgeously cute. Lovely to see your gorgeous wife Ying enjoying a playful moment, and a wonderful addition of having your dad, he's sweet. Big thankyou for uploading the Riwanian culture , the food looks amazing, beautiful people, sharing and caring 🐆🐘🦒 I can only dream about having your dreams, knowing youve worked hard for & made come true, some obstacles, yep, but you've made it, your doing it, it's been your calling in life, you do your job so well! Thank you for letting the world in 🌺 I too, am proud of you. So addicted to your foods around the globe, and all your videos, yum. Arohanui to you and your family, from mine, God bless. Shandi Barlow ✨💥 💜 🇳🇿

  5. Hi Mark…. again a very nice video which I enjoyed very much. You have always the nicest people surrounding you and this time also your dad who looks very much german like. greetings to all from Germany.

  6. Hi mark I am new to ur channel and I love it!!could please go next to Lome,Togo?I am from their and speak a language called Tchamba my grandma makes a food called fufu.we always eat is with a stew and our hands it tastes delicious! I want to see how u react to it!!

  7. Hi Mark I can see you are relying enjoying the market, the great coffee & last but the best eating the wonderful food dishes. Your eyes say it all. All the people u meet are enjoying their food dishes like you. Plus you bring the natural positive vibrations in them 2. I really enjoy watching u & your new/old friends eat but save 4 me 2 lol.😊 lol.😊 yahoooooooo have a ssfe/friendly traveling.
    Peace be with you all – 1 Love JAH LOVE –

  8. isoooLOVE all your amazing videos mark..and cute micah is now making it more interesting–watching him become a huge eater!!!
    GODBEWITHYOU in all your travel!!! kissess and hugs for micah!😊😊😊
    P.S. africa seems a beautiful rich country!

  9. Hi Mark! Im also Mark, Mark Timothy, Im from Philippines. I love watching your videos, it inspires me and makes me hungry 🙂 it makes me feel im with you on tour. You are one of my most favorite food and travel vloger in youtube. We have a lot of things in common, im a Christian, i also love to vlog but was able to make only one video which is inspired by your channel, i have a girlfriend that is working in thailand right now she is a english teacher. My favorite food is asian food, i love spicy and thats my favorite. Keep making lots of awesome videos mark, cant wait for more foods to come. God Bless! 🙂

  10. I live in Northeast Brazil and I found some similarities in their food with our food. What an incredible video, wonderful experience.

  11. The green vegetable in the video is used throughout the Caribbean (I have a ton in my garden in Canada) and it's from the Amaranth family. In the Caribbean it's called Jamaican Callaloo, spinach or chorai bhaji Usually cooked as it was done here, but we tend to add coconut milk, scotch bonnet peppers and bits of salted cod. (along with garlic, onions and tomatoes at times)

  12. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark, you are loved around the world… Its easy to see why… god bless you and your family…


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