Happy Labor Day! You know, before moving to America, my knowledge about this day amounted to little more than incorrectly believing it was an honorary mark on the calendar for expectant mothers. As with most things, I’ve discovered a few things about Labor Day since moving to the US. Here are five of those things.

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  1. Love it, you spelled Labor Day correctly! It's not the end of Summer here in So Cal. We're just getting started! Triple digit heat, fires, ah Fall and fire season is a comin….

  2. Well the whole Americans dropping the U from words is not a consistent thing. For example I spell it labour, colour, cheque, armour and so on but I'm Southron so maybe it's different here then elsewhere in the States.

  3. As I recall hearing, the British have big Shopping sales on Boxing Day.?
    Labor Day is called The Unofficial end of summer because most children are back in schools so that's when most amusement parks shut down because there's not as much Vacation ( Holiday) traffic

  4. Yay! You just sailed passed 6500 subs, Congrats! Currymonster is always giving me hell about my spelling…dropping "U" left, right and center… pfft! Don't know why UK didn't keep "Labour" day…. oh that's right! You guys have 20 thousand more holidays….. hahaha…. Farting day…Vindaloo day…. just for shits and grins day….. hahaha…. Good vid, Laurence… be good you two.

  5. When I first heard of Boxing Day, I thought everybody went out and put on those Everlast shorts and boxing gloves and have at it. Nope, nothing like that. It is an old English custom were on December 26th the lord of the house would give out small simple presents to their servants, as a small token of appreciation for their service during the year. Our US calendars only used to show US holidays, but lately they are starting to show British, Canadian, Australian and sometimes even Mexican and French holidays.

  6. Great video! I've watched many "Lost in the Pond" videos, and find them very entertaining. A note on the proper spelling of the day (and here we go): it's Labor, not Labour.
    Why, you say? It's a matter of alphabet conservation.
    Due to the insistence of the British and many of their former colonies (the Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, etc.) on using the "u" where it is not necessary, there is a marked shortage of vowels in many other parts of the world.
    Why, I even heard that during the Balkan Crisis of the 1990s, there was serious consideration by the U.N. of doing an emergency vowel airdrop over the Balkan countries– there were way too many consonants in use in the Slavic languages due to the over-consumption of vowels in many of the English-speaking nations.
    Sadly, the proposed airdrop had to be cancelled due to political infighting.

  7. I just back from work. The irony of laboring on Labor Day (hotels don't take a day off). I don't mind, because I do get Holiday pay, which is really nice when the industry slows down.

    I actually don't mind at all the end of summer. Fall is my favorite season, so I'm excited to anticipate cooler temps, sweater weather, Halloween, falling leaves, pumpkin pie, etc. To me it's all just incredibly cozy, something that Summer lacks.

  8. Hey when I'm older I'm thinking about moving to the us from England and I'm really stuck on where I should move to I liked the sound of Seattle but then I heard about the Seattle freeze any ideas what city's are nice?

  9. Labor is a federal holiday and not a national holiday. A national holiday is when all government and private sector entities are closed by law. Only essential services and auto service/convenient stores are open. Most private sector employers follow a holiday schedule similar to the federal holidays, with exceptions or additions. The federal holiday schedule mainly benefits employees of government and government regulated businesses.

    Veteran's Day is a federal holiday but private sector entities are not required to close.

    And yes, Labor Day is the saddest holiday for Americans, especially for school children.

  10. I've loved all your videos but find this one… well… quite shite.

    You currently live in Chicago, so so close to Milwaukee, and didn't even give the number one (or any other number) to explain what Labor Day is actually. Where workers died in protest to fight for the rights of workers. Creating the 5 day week. Forty hour work week. Overtime. Observance of holidays. And, so, so much more.

    MEH! The rest of the world already doesn't respect/understand the US wok-force because of the crazy expectations of the employers on the the employed, you make a video about what you didn't know about Labor Day, and prove you still know nothing of Labor Day. MEH!!!

  11. Labor Day meant a 25% off coupon at Harbor Freight on the exact day I needed an impact tool for a stubborn bolt. Thanks, universe.

  12. So it's not about giving birth?

    The only thing I really knew about Labor Day was that you're not supposed to wear white after it…at least according to my grandmother.

  13. There's also MLK Jr day, Presidents day, and "Indigenous Peoples" Day (called Columbus day until this year). I know there are others that I'm forgetting.


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