Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is not only the happiest place on Earth, but also one of the most expensive places on Earth! Find out 5 free things you can do while in the area!

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  1. I know something else that's free at WDW. In EPCOT you can get free soda samples at Club Cool in the World Showcase. They are shotglass samples but they are free 🙂

  2. I used to love Downtown Disney! That was free – and I loved the Empress Lily Riverboat – just to walk thru the ship with the Victorian themed sitting areas was so nice (and I did go to the character breakfast there – that cost $$, but was so much fun). I also like the boardwalk – just window shopping, maybe getting a giant Rice Crispy Treat (Mickey Mouse style) & I actually attempted the tandem bike (actually it was built for 4) around the boardwalk – good thing we had 2 teens with us – we needing to be pushed up the slight inclines)! Something about being in or near Disney – fun & happy (and good thing I can get the FL resident pass)!

  3. Sadly I remember when admission was way less than half the $115 and it wasn’t that long ago. Growing up in the 70s and 80s we’d go every 3-5 years but I haven’t been since 2007 and the rising cost is a huge part of it. There’s a video on here going thru the history of rise of the admission fees that’s pretty interesting. Check it out. https://youtu.be/LsHRQSmG9GQ

  4. Only problem with pointing out free or low cost things at Disney, is that they later end it. Seen it time and again. Also have seen them do this when they offer an actual deal on something.

    Kind of sad, I used to love them so much.

  5. As a person who hikes and likes to walk….I go to Ft. Wilderness and walk all over the place….it connects to Wilderness Lodge and sometimes I bring my mountain bike and make a day of it having lunch at the Fort or WL.

  6. We live in the area and a lot of times we'll park at the Grand Floridian (we have a handicapped parking pass) and get a bite to eat at Gasparilla's and then ride the monorail — we stop off at the Caribbean Beach Resort and look around, maybe get a Dole Whip – then take the monorail back to the Grand Floridian. It's an inexpensive afternoon and it's really fun and relaxing. — We're looking forward to doing the Ft. Wilderness evening! That really sounds like fun!!!

  7. I lived in Orlando mid 2000's. It was very cool driving home from work near the airport to Dr. Phillips on the Beeline Expressway certain times of the year, you could see fireworks from Universal, Sea World, Magic Kingdom and Epcot at the same time! Could see Disney from my house though the dogs hated it.

  8. Electrical Water pagaent parade thingy can be viewed from any of the resorts on Bay Lake; I've never seen it, but it's on my list!

  9. When I used to live near Disneyland you could see the Fireworks anytime you wanted, to the point of not even noticing them really since it was a common site.

  10. We did a free day in 2014 and it was great. We did Downtown Disney for the morning. After lunch we headed over to Fort Wilderness and parked there. We took the boat to Poly took the monorail around back to the Poly and ate there then went back to the campground for the campfire and move. Our kids had a great time and understood that we were not going in. We love resort hoping when.

  11. When my kids were young & we were staying at the All Star Movies resort we hopped the bus to Fort Wilderness, walked the paths, visited their camp store for some icecream & Mickey Mouse pretzels and then took the kids to the play park. They loved it. Totally free. We might've went for a boat ride too.

  12. I said “eshpensivvve” with you Morgan haha. Another freebie tip for WDW is that you can get water for free! Not bottled water, it comes from the soda machine, presented in a paper cup, and if you ask at any kiosk they will be happy to oblige! This really helped us keep hydrated last July in WDW without breaking the bank.

  13. Thank you Morgan, That is some really cool information I had no idea any of this was possible. I figured if you wanted to do anything you had to pay for it.

  14. We actually did 4 of the 5 things on our last trip to Disney!!! And yes you should go to Fort Wilderness! I was not very excited about it and then when we went we LOVED it! Such gorgeous theming!


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