Memphis Tennessee. The birthplace of rock and roll. Home to Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and more. We visit some of the top places in Memphis, take a rocking bus tour of downtown, and pause and reflect at the National Civil Rights Museum.

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  1. Civil rights have to be on the agenda, unfortunately, it's not for granted. Well, said this, that bus ride seems fun and entertaining.

  2. By the way, while I was aware of some of the history of Memphis, I never really felt the urge to visit. However, the Civil Rights Museum is certainly something I put on my bucket list. Very interesting.

  3. You two are the cutest! Kieran and I were just saying this morning you seem like you'd be such genuine YT friends- and then I see this! Great intro, it makes us so happy to see couples like you spreading love and positivity! Hope we can connect! It would be really cool to talk about traveling since we're literally total newbies we're a little nervous hehe

  4. I totally agree! I hated history and now i watch the history channel or documentaries on nextflix and i'm so amused haha!! Nice talk!👍🏼💜💜

  5. As a 65 year old baby boomer having lived through this era, it is a tragedy that so little has changed. BlackLivesMatter makes it evident that we are back sliding.

  6. Really thoughtful and relevant comments on the value that a knowledge of history to all of us ….Thanks for sharing Ashley

  7. Rollicking, kick-ass video. Somber yet critical facet of our history at the outset, obviously conveyed a different tone than the rest of the vlog but nonetheless fit seamlessly with it. Brilliant.

  8. That's why USA is where she is to day. Not knowing your own history makes you repeat the same thing, over and over again. Love you guys.

  9. So happy you got to visit the National Civil Rights Museum. Like you, I grew up being told about the movements and I've always considered myself aware and sensitive to the issues involved but it didn't truly hit home until I visited the Museum.

  10. As someone a generation removed from you, the thing that struck me about your experience is that what's History to you, was Reality for US. I hated history in school, but have become fascinated by it now, because it's not about dates and places, it's about the human stories, lives, deaths, and struggles. Never forget that there is a whole lot more good in the world, than there is bad. It's just that the bad grabs the headlines.
    Great video of a great city, kids!

  11. Hanson is STILL playing music and they're awesome! It's (one of our) favorite bands and have seen them in concert like 30 times! LOL Still a little embarrasing to tell people that.

  12. I want to personally thank you for starting this vid at the Lorraine Motel. I'm an Oregonian and a few years back had the opportunity to do a weeklong workshop at the Peabody Hotel and I spent one afternoon walking around the city center. When I was growing up, one of the most influential people in my life was MLK. As I was walking around I stumbled upon the Lorraine and immediately had to sit down on the sidewalk because I was so overwhelmed with emotion, being immediately taken back to that fateful day in my youth. Standing on the balcony where it happened was almost too much to bear, but I am glad I did. Watching your video took me right back to my time there. It was a reminder of how far, yet so little distance we've come—especially in this era. Thank you.

  13. A great BIG THANK YOU from the Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau for this great Memphis shout out! Come on back any time! We will leave the front porch light on for you!

  14. I have lived in Memphis my whole life. There are so many great things about Memphis, but sometimes we hear so much negative stuff about crime, etc, that it can be very disheartening. Thank you for visiting, and thank you for posting a video that makes me feel proud of our little city! Hope you'll come back sometime!


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