Hi Cruisers, Today we are back with a subscriber inspired episode all about things to do on a sea day. We’ve heard many times that there is nothing to do on a cruise ship sea day except eat. Well, we say eating is an option for sure, but there is more. In fact we’ve got 15 things to do on a sea day in this video. A few of these things are just fun traditions we’ve come up with. Along those lines, we’d love to hear your ideas for things to do on a sea day. Got a fun or unique sea day tradition? Then share it in the comments. Who knows, maybe you’ll inspire someone else to start the tradition.


  1. #1…Blah blah blah casino?
    #2.. Blah blah blah Trivia?
    #3…take a nap
    #4…Blah blah blah Dive in movie?
    #5…blah blah blah Bingo?
    #6…take a nap

    As you can see on sea days I don't have any set plans except Take a nap…I'm on vacation I plan way too much at home I work all the time so if I have one thing to plan that's to Take a nap..lol Enjoyed your video as always CT TV!

  2. One of my favorite things on a sea day is to find a sunny spot to read in! I like to find out of the way areas where it's just me, the water and a good tale. I loved your suggestions, too, can't wait to cruise again to try them!

  3. Awwww! I'm feeling so special and appreciated….feeling the love! <3 I'm glad you liked my question and I hope it helps others too! You gave me great tips! I really like "room service"! Oh and taking a nap too! My husband will hitting the ice cream machine! lol Thanks so much all the great tips!!! 22 days and counting…… HUGS to you and Mr. CTTV!

  4. For me I don't like to plan anything really… i just do whatever I feel like doing. I don't look on the cruise planner until I am looking for something to do.. My life at home is very structured while on sea days I just like to go with the flow to what I feel like doing. My husband likes to have everything planned out and it drives me nuts. I am the type who would sit at a shady spot by the pool ( I am very faired skin and burn very fast) and read my book.

  5. We are going on a cruise at the end of March out of New York (Anthem of the Seas). It would be great to do tips about NY/NJ Cruises or a Royal Caribbean cruise tips video.

  6. Great tips! We take dance lessons, work out, relax by pool. I love sleeping in but sometimes i get up to video the sunrise as it's not often i get to see a sunrise on the ocean! ?

  7. To me, days on a vacation are too precious to be spent unconsciously, literally … I mean with eyes and senses shut (as in visiting the Sandman), haha!

    For my upcoming cruise on the Escape, I plan to wake up early in the morning, get a nice Americano and get up to the aft Waterfront and watch the sunrise, then grab a light bite at the Garden Cafe before hitting the MDR for breakfast (just in case they take a long time to serve up my order–as I've heard many cruisers say–so that I don't feel so "hangry".) I've found that my day seems to last longer when I get up early and have those wonderful morning hours to spend (on whatever.) 🙂

    I would leave the pools and hot tubs and deck chairs to all those sun gods and goddesses (as I don't dig direct sunlight and the heat) and explore the interior and indoor activities of the ship, come out to watch the sunset on the decks in the late afternoon. Love to try the Rope Course and the Plank but will do it only after 5 when the sun is about to say bye-bye.

    In the evening, there would certainly be many nice outdoor venues to explore as well … will definitely do the Glow Party. Hope the bugs will stay away though (do they have mosquitos on the high seas?!?)

  8. Not in order but sea days I love to:
    >go to the pool first thing or last thing of the day when not to busy
    >do a photo safari see what new things I have not seen on the ship yet
    >if offered and on a new model of ship do the behind the scenes ship tour(all access tour)
    >do breakfast in the main dinning room
    >do one of the ships free lessons (napkin folding, cookie decoration, etc)
    >the flowrider if offered

  9. What if you are a single man on a cruise, what is there to do? Most activities are for couples, families or for ladies. There are not many activities that a single man can take part in whilst on a cruise especially on sea days.

  10. Omg you live close to me, you are at the Dinosaur park in shell beach, i live in Santa Maria. That is a beautiful park.


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